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Cide Words

Have you ever noticed the connection between words like suicide, homicide, genocide, pesticide and fungicide? They all end in –cide, of course, but their meanings are linked too. They all concern death, destruction, extermination and deliberate killing. The –cide ending originates from the Latin word caedere meaning to kill. Remember that next time you consider ordering a glass of cider!

The five examples above are not the only –cide words, however. (Although they are perhaps the most common.) On this page you'll find about 160 such words (almost 200 if you count variant spellings) culled from a variety of dictionaries.

The words below are divided into the following eight categories: Killing One's Relatives, Murdering Other People, Killing Animals, Killing Insects, Medicine (Killing Diseases), Killing Plants, Miscellaneous Killing, and Extreme Killing.

Killing One's Relations

Here are 13 words for killing members of one's family. Generally the word can be used both for the act of killing, and the killer: an uxoricide is one who commits uxoricide.

 Killing oneselfsuicide, selfcide
 Killing one's fatherpatricide
 Killing one's mothermatricide
 Killing one's parent(s)parenticide
 Killing one's brotherfratricide
 Killing one's sistersororicide
 Killing one's husbandmariticide, viricide
 Killing one's wifeuxoricide
 Killing one's son or daughterfilicide, prolicide
 Killing a close relativeparricide


Killing Other People – Murder

 Killing a man, or any personhomicide
 Killing a womanfemicide, gynecide, gynaecide
 Killing an infantinfanticide
 Killing a fetusaborticide, feticide, foeticide
 Killing old mensenicide
 Killing a kingregicide
 Killing a lord or masterhericide
 Killing a philosopherphilosophicide
 Killing a prophet or poetvaticide
 Killing a czarczaricide
 Killing a bishopepiscopicide
 Killing an apprenticeprenticecide
 Killing a BrahminBrahminicide, Brahmanicide
 Killing a Spartacus memberSparticide
 Killing a modernistmodernicide
 Killing a guest or hosthospiticide
 Killing a favoritenepoticide
 Killing a friendambicide
 Killing an enemyhosticide
 Killing a heretichereticide, heretocide
 Killing a tyranttyrannicide
 Killing of ChristChristicide


Killing Animals – Slaughter

There are terms for the killing of many types of animal. Here, in alphabetical order of animal, are 33 such –cide words:

 Killing of bearsursicide
 Killing of birdsavicide, birdicide
 Killing of boarsapricide
 Killing of bullstauricide
 Killing of catsfelicide
 Killing of chickens or turkeysgallinicide
 Killing of cowsvaccicide
 Killing of deercervicide
 Killing of dogscanicide
 Killing of elephantselephanticide
 Killing of fishpiscicide
 Killing of fowlsgallicide
 Killing of foxvulpicide
 Killing of goatshiricide
 Killing of kangaroosmacropocide
 Killing of leecheshirudicide
 Killing of micemuricide
 Killing of molestalpicide
 Killing of oxenbovicide
 Killing of partridgesperdricide
 Killing of poultrypoultrycide
 Killing of ratsraticide
 Killing of reptilesherpecide, herpicide
 Killing of rodentsrodenticide
 Killing of sealssealicide
 Killing of serpentsserpenticide
 Killing of snails/molluscsmolluscacide
 Killing of sparrowssparrowcide
 Killing of verminverminicide
 Killing of whalesceticide
 Killing of wolveslupidide


Killing Insects

 Killing of insectsinsecticide
 Killing of adult insectsadulticide, imagocide, imagicide
 Killing of insect larvaelarvicide
 Killing of insect eggsovicide
 Killing of pestspesticide
 Killing of antsformicide, formicicide
 Killing of aphidsaphidicide, aphicide
 Killing of bedbugscimicide
 Killing of beesapicide
 Killing of fleaspulicide, pulicicide
 Killing of fliesmuscacide, muscicide
 Killing of gnats or mosquitosculicicide, culicide
 Killing of licelousicide, pediculicide
 Killing of mitesacaricide, miticide
 Killing of mosquitosanophelicide, mosquitocide
 Killing of spiders or scorpionsarachnidcide
 Killing of tickstickicide
 Killing of waspsvespacide


Medicines And Drugs That Exterminate

In the same way that fungicide is used to kill fungal spores, there are thousands of medicines and drugs used to kill all manner of bacteria and diseases. The words for such substances often end in –cide, for example:

 Amebaeamebacide, amebicide, amoebicide
 Animal parasitesepizocide
 Bacteriabactericide, bacteriacide, bacteriocide
 Blood corpusclesglobulicide
 Blood flukesschistosomacide, schistosomicide
 Cancerous cellstumorcide
 Diarrhea-causing parasitestrichomonacide
 Fever (reducing fever)febricide
 Gonorrheagonococcide, gonoccocide
 Intestinal wormshelminthicide, vermicide
 Leukocytesleukocide, leucocide
 Malarial parasitesgametocide, plasmodicide, schizonticide
 Nematode wormsnematocide, nematicide, nemacide
 Oxyuris wormsoxyuricide
 Parasitic bacteriatreponemicide
 Roundwormsascaricide, filaricide, lumbricide
 Scabiesscabicide, scabieticide
 Sleeping sickness infectiontrypanocide, trypanosomacide
 Spermspermicide, spermatocide, spermatozoicide
 Spirilla bacteriaspirillicide
 Spirochetes bacteriaspirocheticide, spirochaeticide
 Sporesfungicide, sporicide
 Staphstaphylocide, staphylococcide, staphylococcicide
 Streptococci bacteriastreptococcicide
 Tapewormstaenicide, taeniacide, teniacide, tenicide
 Toxinstoxicide, toxinicide
 Tuberculosis bacillituberculocide
 Virusesviruscide, virucide


Killing Plantlife

 Killing of algaealgaecide, algicide
 Killing of flowersfloricide
 Killing of plantsherbicide, phytocide
 Killing of weedsweedicide


Other Death, Annihilation, and Obliteration

 Killing a goddeicide
 Killing of a giantgianticide
 Killing of a monstermonstricide
 Killing putrid thingsputricide
 Destruction of bookstomecide
 Destroying wordslogocide, verbicide
 Destruction of a cultureethnocide
 Destruction of ancient buildings/monumentspetracide
 Destruction of lawslegicide
 Destruction of libertyliberticide
 Destruction of lifebiocide
 Ruining a suitor's chancessuitorcide
 Ruining someone's reputationfamicide
 Killing the mind (brainwashing)menticide
 Killing a faithfideicide
 Killing facts (distorting the truth)facticide
 Killing someone with a motor vehicleautocide


Extreme Death, Killing, Destruction, and Extermination

And finally, we've saved the best (or worst) for last. These five words refer to killing on a massive scale:

 Destruction of everythingonmicide
 Destruction of the entire worldmundicide
 Destruction of the natural worldecocide
 Killing of all peoplepopulicide
 Extermination of an entire racial, political, or cultural groupgenocide


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