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BORED? Play our free word gamesINTERACTIVE HANGMAN, the wordplay website, was created and is maintained by the Editor: Daniel Austin. Others who have provided assistance and support in the project include: Jeremy Sierla, who ensured that early versions of the site were free from errors; George Tsikouras, who gave advice on etymological matters; Alex Michalas, who has always kept us in the loop with Internet developments; Adam Knowles and Melissa Barnes, who both provided much support on the technical front; Eric Shackle and Bob Levey, who generously allowed us to republish many of their columns; and Ross Eckler, Editor of Word Ways, for his kind permission to reproduce several copyright articles.

At we aim to make the English language fun. Whether used as an amusing source of trivia to share with friends and colleagues, a more serious language research tool, or as a learning resource for parents and teachers, we hope that we can provide something that you will enjoy.

Our philosophy is to provide quality examples and information. All too often wordplay websites are little more than near-exhaustive lists of poor examples. We don't believe in that. At you will find that each section attempts to cover the history and relevance of each of the topics too. And for those who want to research a subject deeper, you will find several books on each area, as well as links to other sites on the Internet.

In the new version of launched in 2003 we have introduced several new features. Each content page has a link on the left that takes you to a printer-friendly version of the page. We hope that this will be particularly useful for teachers who use our site as a language resource. Following feedback from our visitors, we have decided to remove rude or potentially offensive content from the vast majority of our pages, and place it in just a few special pages dedicated to that type of material. By blocking access to these few pages, teachers will be able to use more easily in the classroom environment.

Whilst does have some commercial content, we are primarily a private and non profit-making organisation, generating revenue to cover the high costs of website hosting. This allows us to provide the site free of charge to our visitors.

We would like to thank the Publishers who have generously cooperated with the project.

If you have any comments on any aspect of our website, please contact us. in the Press

5-11 February 2004:
Our web site made its first worldwide television appearance on Click Online, BBC World's show about the Internet and new technology. Kate Russell featured in her weekly web site review, Webscape. BBC World is the BBC's 24-hour, English language, international news and information channel, reaching 270 million homes in more than 200 countries (as well as on cruise ships and airliners). Each edition of Click Online is broadcast seven times during the week, and repeated a further four times over the weekend on BBC News 24.

10 May 2003:
In an article entitled Sexy Sockdolagers of Language in The Weekend Australian (a national broadsheet newspaper in Australia) reporter Emma Tom said is a "highly recommended word site".,5942,6407324,00.html

May 2003:
For the second year running we were selected as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by and their panel of voters.

29 April 2003: won the Award for Literary Excellence for 2003. We were one of just eleven websites chosen from a shortlist of 400 literary resources selected by the judges.

23 July 2002:
We were featured in the 60 Sites in 60 Minutes presentation by LexisNexis and at the AALL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

May 2002:
Each year hundreds of readers, editors, and Writer's Digest contributors vote for their favourite websites. The result is the 101 Best Websites for Writers. We had the pleasure of being included in 2002.

March 2002:
With reference to an article on palindromic dates, a letter by the editor was published in the London Student newspaper.

7 January 2002:
Since 11 December 2000, Dan Pollock has recommended a great website every day. In January 2002 he discovered and featured us as his Site of the Day on

19 December 2001:
Dennis Cronin has been featuring a daily website choice on since January 1999. He recommended to his visitors as the Cool Pick Site of the Day on 19 December 2001.

December 2001:
To help guide parents and teachers through the massive world of the Internet, Eric Leebow published a book of family-friendly websites – You Are Here: Kids & Family Internet Guide. was delighted to be featured in this book.
You can buy 'You Are Here: Kids & Family Internet Guide' from Amazon.

31 August 2001: was at the centre of a New Zealand political scandal after an MP discovered a link to our site on the Education Ministry's official Online Learning Centre website Te Kete Ipurangi. MP Brian Donnelly complained because he considered some of the material on inappropriate for young children. The Dominion Post reported that the Education Ministry made an official apology and removed the link. "Associate Education Minister Steve Maharey had earlier in the day told Parliament that the site was a widely used and valuable resource for principals, teachers, parents and students."

The webwatch section of bizlife Magazine included an article on Bizlife is a monthly glossy magazine published in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina, USA, with a readership of 100,000 businesspeople.

8 July 1999:
We were featured in the Internet column written by science and mathematics whiz and TV presenter Carol Vorderman in the British national newspaper The Mirror.

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