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Words that End in Gry

If you are looking for words that end in gry, then you you probably know about angry and hungry and you want to know what the third one is.

This puzzle has become very widespread and is one of the most frequently asked questions about the English language on the Internet, and you can find the answer here at Fun-with-words.com.

Click here for the answer to the riddle.

Three English Words that end in Gry

The question of words that end in gry is actually a puzzle rather than a riddle. And the answer depends on which version of the riddle you have heard. We know of at least eight different versions of the riddle, and we give explanations of the answers in each case.

Here is a typical version of the puzzle:

There are three English words ending in "-gry". Two are "angry" and "hungry". What is the third one?

The sad truth is that there isn't a third common word that ends in gry. However, if you are interested in real answers to this puzzle then you will find on our Gry Puzzle page 124 archaic or obscure words that end in gry.

Perhaps the answer to the original version of the puzzle was meagry (of meager appearance) or aggry (coloured glass beads worn by Africans), but these are no longer words in our daily vocabularies.

For more information on this visit our gry puzzle page.

This is where you will find explanations of all the popular versions of this infuriating question (complete with answers) currently circulating the Internet. If you have a version that's not listed there, then please send it to us!

Also on our web site you'll find many other fun puzzles and riddles relating to language and words. Do you know a riddle or puzzle not featured on our pages? Let us know.

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