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Neologism Competition – Index

Bob Levey has been running his monthly neologism competition since 1983. Every month he selects a unnamed aspect of modern life or society (suggested by his readers) and publishes it in his column in The Washington Post. The challenge for the three thousand or so readers who enter is to invent a witty new word to describe the chosen subject.

Do you have to live in Washington to join in the fun? No. You can read Levey's column online, and send in your clever, inspired neologistic creations by e-mail. First prize, by the way, is lunch with the columnist himself.

Below are links to all Levey's neologism columns since April 1999.

Jun 2003:A Sweet One Wins Missy Neologistic Honors
May 2003:Neologism Winners Hail From Far and Wide
Apr 2003:From the Other Coast, a Neologism Winner
Mar 2003:A Neologism Victory for Greg the Engineer
Feb 2003:The Family Member Who Wins It for Claudia
Jan 2003:Never an Auction, But Ron's Still a Winner
Dec 2002:Verbothity' Makes a Wordsmithing Winner
Nov 2002:Rozi's Riveting (and Winning) Neologism
Oct 2002:Neologism Prize to One Who Doesn't Wander
Sep 2002:From His Past Warnings, a Neologism Win
Aug 2002:Sneakers Point Geri Toward Neologism Glory
Jul 2002:He Took His Sweet Time, but Jim's a Winner
Jun 2002:A 'Self-Scruncher' Captures Neologistic Glory
May 2002:A Linguist Grabs the Neologistic Brass Ring
Apr 2002:For Harold, Early-Morning Neologism Win
Mar 2002:Thesaurus Plus Inspiration Equals a Winner
Feb 2002:Once a Columnist, Now a Neologism Champ
Jan 2002:A Torte and a 'Re-dijested' Neologism Contest
Dec 2001:For Jack, McCartney and Neologistic Glory
Nov 2001:Retire the Trophy: Susan Wins a Third Time
Oct 2001:Jay the Horologist Becomes Jay the Neologist
Sep 2001:No More 'Did Bob Call?' for Neologist Jim
Aug 2001:Elizabeth Nails That 'Telemarketer Tone'
Jul 2001:Method to Greg's Neologistic Madness
Jun 2001:Victory to an 'Even-Steven Kind of Guy'
May 2001:To the Early Bird, the Neologism Worm
Apr 2001:From Her Garden to Neologistic Victory
Mar 2001:Mendacity Provides a Neologism Winner
Feb 2001:For Demetra, Intuitive Neologism Victory
Jan 2001:An Ever-So-Felicitous Neologism Winner
Dec 2000:Diet Cokes See Craig to the Winner's Circle
Nov 2000:Neologism Bridesmaid Moves Up at Last
Oct 2000:First Nuptials, Then Neologistic Victory
Sep 2000:Jim Lands a Big Fish: Neologistic Victory
Aug 2000:Joe the Punster Wins Neologism Contest
Jul 2000:Jim's 'Geramour' Wins Neologism Honors
Jun 2000:From a Long Way Off, Neologistic Victory
May 2000:Second-Born Jennifer Grabs the Crown
Apr 2000:Tumfoolery': Karen's Neologism Winner
Mar 2000:Carkiss' Makes Her a Winning Wordsmith
Feb 2000:First Try, and He's a Neologism Champ
Jan 2000:Punster Lee Becomes a Neologism Champ
Dec 1999:Not Female or 30, but a Neologism Champ
Nov 1999:In the Detroit Airport, Neologistic Brilliance
Oct 1999:Exotic `Exhotica' Captures Neologism Prize
Sep 1999:Irreverent Barbara Grabs the Brass Ring
Aug 1999:Doug's Horsey Neologism Carried the Day
Jul 1999:Shock Jock Inspires a Neologistic Win
Jun 1999:From Fort Wayne, a Neologistic Winner
May 1999:M Followed by N Spells Neologism Victory
Apr 1999:Paul Prevails, Thanks to Neologistic Study

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