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Rude Anagrams

In the newsgroup alt.anagrams the regular posting community holds a monthly competition for the best anagrams called the Anagrammy Awards. Anagrams from the forum are nominated to compete in nine categories, and the winners are determined by popular vote.

One of these categories is the Rude Category, which always attracts plenty of entries. As Larry Brash says on his Anagrammy website "The world of anagramming is inhabited by some very talented people who have turned it from a simple pastime into a true art form." The genius of alt.anagrams' members is reflected in the selection below; many of these have won Anagrammy Awards. (Note that authors are credited in the footnotes, where known.)

  X-Rated MoviesSex video-mart1
  Life SucksI f**k less!2
  I have a large penisI please her vagina3
  President Clinton of the USATo copulate, he finds interns
  CatholicismComical s**t4
  MasturbationAnatomist Rub5
  Anal retentiveA latrine event?6
  I have a large penisHe is plain average7
  The traveling salesmanVaginas: enters them all!8
  The menstrual cycleMy c**t creates hell!9
  Axl RoseOral sex
  Large breastsGreat braless10

And if you still want more, here's another half dozen sex-related anagrams:

  Husband and wifeFun was had in bed11
  The mιnage ΰ troisA giant threesome!12
  Sleeping togetherGet their legs open13
  Feeling romanticFlaming erection!14
  Kissing couplesSpouses licking15
  Man + penis + ViagraSperm in a vagina16

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  1. by Meyran Kraus.
  2. by Paal Kristen Hansen.
  3. by Rick Rothstein.
  4. by Tom Myers.
  5. by Larry Brash.
  6. by Mick Tully.
  7. by Tom Myers.
  8. by Tom Myers.
  9. by David Bourke.
  10. by Richard Grantham.
  11. by Dean Mayer.
  12. by Richard Grantham.
  13. by Richard Grantham.
  14. by Adrian Hickford.
  15. by Ahmad Sadali Ramli.
  16. by Zoran Radisavlevic.

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