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The Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

Oxford Reference

by Alan Spooner (Editor)

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Book Review

The Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms contains over 150,000 alternative word (synonyms) and opposite words (antonyms) with an easy-to-use layout to widen your vocabulary and make your English more interesting and original. For each entry, synonyms are listed alphabetically within each sense, and antonyms are placed at the end of entries where appropriate. There is guidance on usage and extensive cross-referencing to further synonyms, as well as a Lexicon of Hard Words with interesting and unusual words as diverse as erubescence (blushing) and jumbal (sweet crisp cake), which will provide fascinating and useful additions to anyone's vocabulary. There are illustrated examples to show how words of less obvious senses are used, and markers such as "informal", "derogatory", and "obsolete" highlight the usage style.

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