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Carnival of Wit

From Aristotle to Woody Allen

by Leo Rosten

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Book Review

You want laughter? You want wit? You want wordplays? You want ad-libs, malaprops, puns, one-liners, quips, epigrams, boo-boos, and ironies? You want the funniest lines from the funniest people talking on every subject under the sun from religion to sex, politics to sports, marriage to medicine – from Heaven to Hollywood Hell, and sweeping away all solemnity as they crack you up. You want all this plus Leo Rosten's special brand of wisdom that only the comic can convey? Here is a connoisseur's alphabetically arranged collection of more than 5,000 (but who's counting?) of the funniest things people have said and written over the centuries and over the world. Rosten has arranged them by subjects and styles to make your browsing much more bountiful. And he has supplied not only his captivating commentary but a potpourri of very personal profiles of such immortal luminaries of laughter as Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, Oscar Levant, Samuel Goldwyn, Yogi Berra, and other sidesplitters. But whether you're looking for a wry grin, a silent chuckle, or a belly laugh, one thing is sure: The instantly classic collection will light up your mind, warm up your heart, and brighten up your life.

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