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Homophones and Homographs

An American Dictionary

by James B. Hobbs

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Book Review

This expanded third edition defines and cross-references 7,870 homophones and 1,554 homographs. As the most comprehensive compilation of American homophones (words that sound alike) and homographs (look-alikes), this latest edition serves well where even the most modern spell-checkers and word processors fail; although rain, reign, and rein may be spelled correctly, the context in which these words may appropriately be used is not obvious to a computer. It is a gold mine for students of English and for writers, journalists, and instructors, and is especially useful to those involved in linguistic and phonological research. The annotated bibliography - more than seven excellent pages in length - is a useful, critical guide to a very wide range of relevant dictionaries and commentaries available. It also contains pronunciation information and a helpful nine-page appendix. In addition, the unrivalled book is beautifully printed and bound. All round, a magnificent addition to any bookshelf.

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