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A Cool, Fresh, Phat, and Shagadelic Guide to All Kinds of Slang

by Mike Ellis

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Book Review

A worldwide guide to slang, from America's favorite slangologist, and creator of one of the Internet's most popular websites - voted by Wired as one of the top five fun sites of 1998. Ask for a "pop" in Manhattan and you'll probably be punched in the face. The same request for a soda in Chicago, however, will get you Coke. And if you're going to the gym in New York, take your sneakers, but in Pittsburgh, grab your tennis shoes. Every day new words are born that reflect who we are and where we live. Now, slang expert Mike Ellis has compiled an authoritative yet highly amusing treasury of slang that has infiltrated every walk of life. Already widely known for his articles in the national press (The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wired magazine) as well as for his hugely popular website, Ellis has a gift for zooming in on the often humorous, ironic, and colorful way that we put our spin on the native tongue. As funny as it is linguistically precise, Slanguage is an up-to-the-minute guide to the changing face of language.

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