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by Doherty Sanderson and David W. Sanderson

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Book Review

Smileys are those little sideways faces found in e-mails, news group postings, chat rooms, and text messages. Smileys can be used to express emotions including happiness :-) and sadness :-( or other human behaviour like winking ;-) and yelling :-(O) or even to represent famous people from Homer Simpson (_8^(|) to Ronald Regan 7:^] with just a few basic punctuation marks. David Sanderson (who has been called the "Noah Webster of Smileys" by the Wall Street Journal) presents here his collection of over 650 inspired sideways faces, arranged topically by categories such as emotions, attitudes, persons and personalities, animals, hair styles, special interests, and occasions. Whether you want to increase your own repertoire of smileys, or to interpret the ones your friends send to you, you'll find this book both comprehensive and great fun. And throughout are examples of how smileys are really used in typical e-mail conversations. The book also advances the state of the art smileys, including such innovations as Smiley Comics and Where's Smiley? So go on, buy this book and liven up your e-mails.

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