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The Game of Words

The Remarkable Exhuberance of the English Language

by Willard R. Espy

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Book Review

Willard R. Espy's genius volume has finally been republished! There is every sort of word game, wordplay, pun, poem, letter game, puzzle, and logological fun to be found here, sprinkled liberally with Espy's unrivalled wit. Explore ABC language, acrostic verses, alliteration, anagrams, Anguish Languish, Parody, Chain Verse, Clerihews, Chronograms, Cryptograms, Epigrams, Euphemisms, False Rhymes, Franglish, Headline Hunter, Hidden Words, Higgledy-Piggledies, Lipograms, Isosceles Words, Homonyms, Pig Latin, Pidgin English, Malapropisms, Oxymorons, Palindromes, Riddles & conundrums, Spoonerisms, Tom Swifties, Word Games for Parties, and much much more! If you only ever by one book on wordplay, make this the one.

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