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Dictionary of Confusable Words

by Adrian Room

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Book Review

Adjacent or adjoining? Abuse or misuse? Consist, comprise, constitute, or compose? Guarantee or warranty? Pose, propose, or propound? Stationery or stationary? The Dictionary of Confusable Words aims to clear up the confusion in such cases. In more than 1,100 entries, the meanings of 3,000 individual words are given, the difference between them is clearly explained, and an illustrative example showing the correct usage is provided. The book also includes specific examples to show past and present usage of words, and words occuring as the second or subsequent in a group are cross-referenced to the head word in the appropriate alphabetical place. Editor Adrian Room has also included some familiar proper names that are sometimes confused, such as Liberia and Libya (countries), Monterey and Monterrey (towns), and Lloyds and Lloyd's (financial institutions). Classic or classical? Discreet or discrete? Continual or Continuous? Principle or Principal? Confused? Be confused no longer, with this handy book as your user-friendly guide.

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