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Anagram Generator

Anagram Generator

Anagram Genius is an anagram generator, a computer program written for creating anagrams. Enter "Osama Bin Laden" and it spits out "Old man in a base". Try "Clint Eastwood" and it gives you "Old West action"! Put in "Columbia Space Shuttle" and you get back the disturbingly relevant "Mishap... but locate clues". What will you get when you try your name?

Anagram Generator Free Trial

The software is available for Windows or Macintosh computers, and best of all you can download a fully functional version for free. Click here for the download site.

You can input any text – friends' names, business names, famous people's names, movie titles... the possibilities for anagram fun are endless – and hilarious anagrams are just a click away. The anagram generator software, which has been under development now for fifteen years, allows you to control every aspect of the process. If you want the result to be rude, for example, or computer-related, or flattering, or to include a particular word, then you just select the relevant option and click the button to generate!

Go to the Anagram Genius website now.

Download the Anagram Generator

The program can be downloaded in just a few moments. It takes no time at all to set up, so you can be having fun creating your own personal anagrams in no time at all.

For more information, take a look at a more detailed description of this software, and some screenshots of the anagram generator in action.

Here's what Computer Shopper Magazine's reviewers had to say about it:

"Its always a pleasure to come across a well-coded program that reeks of having been written with a passion for the subject or task in hand. [This] is one such program... spend an evening with this package and you'll not only have fun, you could end up hooked."
And Focus Magazine was equally commending:

"Provides hours of more-or-less harmless fun ... amazingly simple to use."

Anagram Finder

Not only is it a great anagram maker tool, but you can use it as a solver or finder too. It will solve mixed-letter puzzles with ease, making it handy for cryptic crossword puzzle enthusiasts too.

Go to the Anagram Genius download site: AG anagram generator and anagram unscrambler.

There is also a book, produced by the makers of the anagram generator software, which is packed with the best anagrams that have been found using the program. This reasonably priced, brilliant book is available from the download site.

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