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The index is arranged like the indices found in books. Subject headings are arranged alphabetically, with clickable subheadings that take you directly to specific topics. Note that people's names are indexed by surname.

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Walker, Murray:
Malapropisms: funny things said by Murray Walker
Hidden meanings of NYC in Webdings font
Webster's Dictionary:
Dord: the Webster's Dictionary error
Etymology of Wellerism
Overview of Wellerisms
Wellman, Melvin O.:
Anagram by Melvin O. Wellman
Westcott, Matthew:
Anagram by Matthew Westcott
Hidden meanings of NYC in Wingdings font
Witty definitions in "The Devil's Dictionary"
Wolpow, Edward:
Panama palindrome by Edward Wolpow
"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck" and other tongue twisters
Word Puzzle:
100 visual rebus puzzles (pictograms)
Record-breaking Scrabble high score moves
Word Squares:
History of palindrome word squares
Introduction to palindrome word squares
Palindrome word squares
Word Ways:
Word Ways article "Celebrity One-Word Anagrams"
Word Ways article "Oxymoronology"
Word Ways article "Telephomnemonics"
Word Ways article "The Pangrammatic Highway"
Word Ways article "Who First Found the Panama Palindrome?"
The world's first word-cross puzzle (crossword)
Wright, Sylvia:
Term "mondegreen" coined by Sylvia Wright
Wynne, Arthur:
Arthur Wynne, creator of the crossword puzzle

Index Pages: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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