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The index is arranged like the indices found in books. Subject headings are arranged alphabetically, with clickable subheadings that take you directly to specific topics. Note that people's names are indexed by surname.

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Books about malapropisms
Bushisms: malapropisms from George W. Bush
Definition of malapropism
Etymology of malapropism
Malapropisms from famous people
Malapropisms from Mrs. Malaprop
Overview of malapropisms
Martinez, Jed:
Anagram by Jed Martinez
Mayer, Dean:
Rude anagram by Dean Mayer
Meade, John:
Palindrome by John Meade
Mnemonics to help remember medical terms
Memory Aide:
A list of helpful memory aides (mnemonics)
Mnemonics: to improve your memory
Definition of meronym
Spoonerisms and metathesis
Definition of metonym
Definition of metronym
Mirarchi, Betsy:
Palindrome by Betsy Mirarchi
Misheard lyrics and sentences (mondegreens)
Mississippi and other words and names that are hard to spell
Mitchell, Morton L.:
Anagram by Morton L. Mitchell
Synanagram by Morton L. Mitchell
A list of helpful mnemonics
Books about mnemonics
Definition of mnemonics
Etymology of mnemonic
List order acronyms
Mnemonics for remembering pi and other numbers
Overview of mnemonics
Telephone number mnemonics: article by Ross Eckler
Books about mondegreens
Definition of mondegreen
Etymology of mondegreen
Examples of funny mondgreens
Overview of mondegreens
Terms for money; a collection of money words
Moore, William A.:
Anagram by William A. Moore
Synanagram by William A. Moore
Moscow, T. H.:
Panama palindrome by T. H. Moscow
Mrs. Malaprop:
Malapropisms from Mrs. Malaprop
Mrs. Malaprop from Richard Sheridan's comedy "The Rivals"
Mnemonics to help remember musical terms
Myers, Tom:
Anagram by Tom Myers
Rude anagrams by Tom Myers
Term "anigram" coined by Tom Myers

Index Pages: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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