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STOP! If you are offended by strong or sexually explicit language, please leave this page. Following visitor feedback we have removed potentially offensive wordplay from 99% of pages, and collected them together on a few dedicated Rude Wordplay pages. (Parents/teachers: we recommend you block access to this page on family/classroom computers.)

Rude Spoonerisms

It's easy to get tongue-tied and accidentally say something rude, as you'll know if you've ever watched one of those compilations of TV slip-ups. Often just switching two small sounds in a phrase will result in an embarrassing, or even obscene Spoonerism!

Try reading these out loud, but not within earshot of your grandmother... just in case!

  • The acrobats displayed some cunning stunts.
  • Sir, you are certainly a shining wit.
  • He fills her soul with hope.
  • It's the Tale of Two Cities.
  • Have you brought your sleeping bag?
  • She is sure pretty.
  • Have you seen her sick duck?
  • Oh, the suffering of purgery on my soul!
  • He's not a pheasant plucker.
  • She showed me her tool kits.
  • He's a smart fella.
  • A hot pie would make me happy.
  • Fire truck.
  • Overhead door.

More Rude Wordplay

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