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This is the world's biggest collection of phobia words – almost 650 in total. Although most are rare, they have all appeared in print. Where a word is marked 'syn. of' this indicates that it is a synonym of the following word. (In many cases this simply reflects spelling variations.) Sources are listed in brackets after each entry; see the footnotes for the meanings of the abbreviations.

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  cacophobiaFear of ugliness. [CE]
  cacophonophobiaFear of bad music. [WP]
  cainophobiasyn. of kainophobia. [ID, CE]
  cainotophobiasyn. of kainophobia. [ID]
  calciphobiaInability (of plants) to grow in lime-rich soil. [ID]
  cancerophobiasyn. of carcinophobia. [ID]
  cancerphobiasyn. of carcinophobia. [ID]
  carcinomatophobiasyn. of carcinophobia. [ID]
  carcinophobiaFear of cancer. [ID, CE]
  cardiophobiaFear of heart disease. [ID, CE]
  carnophobiaFear of meat. [ID, CE, WP]
  catagelophobiaFear of ridicule. [ID]
  catapedaphobiaFear of jumping, from both high and low places. [ID]
  cathisophobiasyn. of thaasophobia. [ID, CE]
  catophtrophobiasyn. of catoptrophobia. [CE]
  catoptrophobiaFear of mirrors. [ID]
  celtophobiaFear of Celtic people. [ID]
  cenophobiasyn. of agoraphobia. [ID]
  cenotophobiasyn. of kainophobia. [ID]
  centophobiasyn. of agoraphobia. [CE]
  ceraunophobiasyn. of keraunophobia. [ID]
  chactophobiasyn. of trichophobia. [CE]
  chaetophobiasyn. of trichophobia. [ID]
  cheimaphobiaFear of cold. [ID, CE]
  cheimatophobiasyn. of cheimaphobia. [ID]
  cherophobiaFear of gaiety. [ID, CE, WP]
  chidophobiaFear of insect stings. [CE]
  chionophobiaFear of snow. [ID, CE]
  chiraptophobiasyn. of haphephobia. [CE]
  choleraphobiaFear of cholera, an infectious intestinal disorder. [OED]
  cholerophobiaFear of cholera. [ID]
  chorophobiaFear of dancing. [ID, CE]
  chrematophobiaFear of wealth. [ID, CE]
  chromatophobiasyn. of chromophobia. [ID]
  chrometophobiasyn. of chrematophobia. [ID]
  chromophobiaFear of colours. [ID, CE]
  chronophobiaFear of time. [ID, CE, WP]
  cibophobiasyn. of sitophobia. [ID, CE]
  claustrophobiaFear of closed spaces. [OED, ID, CE, WP]
  cleisiophobiasyn. of claustrophobia. [ID]
  cleithrophobiasyn. of claustrophobia. [ID]
  cleptophobiasyn. of kleptophobia. [ID]
  climacophobiaFear of stairs. [ID, CE]
  clinophobiaFear of going to bed. [ID, CE]
  clithrophobiasyn. of claustrophobia. [ID]
  cnidophobiasyn. of chidophobia. [ID]
  coimetrophobiaFear of cemeteries. [ID, CE]
  coitophobiaFear of sexual intercourse. [ID, CE]
  colorphobiaFear of people of a particular colour. [OED]
  cometophobiaFear of comets. [ID, CE]
  contrectophobiasyn. of agraphobia. [ID]
  coprophobiaFear of excrement. [OED, ID, CE]
  coprostasophobiaFear of constipation. [ID, CE]
  corpulophobiaFear of widths. [WP]
  counterphobiaSeeking that which one fears. [ID]
  cremnophobiaFear of precipices. [OED, ID, CE]
  criticophobiaFear of critics or criticism. [OED]
  cryophobiaFear of ice. [ID, CE]
  crystallophobiaFear of glass. [ID, CE]
  cyberphobiaFear of computers. [OED, CE]
  cyclophobiaFear of cyclists or cycling. [OED]
  cymophobiaFear of waves. [ID, CE]
  cynophobiaFear of dogs or rabies. [OED, ID, CE]
  cyprianophobiaFear of prostitutes. [ID, CE]
  cypridophobiaFear of venereal disease. [ID]
  cyprinophobiaFear of lewd women. [ID]
  cypriphobiasyn. of cypridophobia. [ID]
  daemonophobiasyn. of demonophobia. [ID]
  decidophobiaFear of making decisions. [ID, CE]
Fear of painful defecation. [ID, CE]
  deipnophobiaFear of dining or dinner conversation. [OED, ID, CE]
  dementophobiasyn. of maniaphobia. [CE]
  demonophobiaFear of demons (spirits, goblins, etc.). [OED, ID]
  demophobiasyn. of ochlophobia. [ID, CE]
  dendrophobiaFear of trees. [ID, CE]
  dentophobiaFear of going to the dentist. [CE]
syn. of dermatophobia. [ID]
  dermatophobiaFear of skin disease. [ID, CE]
  dermatosiophobiasyn. of dermatophobia. [ID]
  dextrophobiaFear of rightness and things to the right. [ID, WP]
  diabetophobiaFear of diabetes. [ID]
  diametrophobiasyn. of corpulophobia. [WP]
Fear of going to school. [CE]
  dikephobiaFear of justice. [ID, WP]
  dinophobiaFear of dizziness or whirlpools. [ID, CE]
  diplopiaphobiaFear of double vision. [ID, CE]
  diplychiphobiasyn. of dystychiphobia. [CE]
  dipsomanophobiasyn. of potophobia. [ID]
  dipsophobiasyn. of potophobia. [ID, CE]
  dishabillophobiaFear of undressing in front of someone. [ID]
  domatophobiasyn. of ecophobia. [ID, CE]
  doraphobiaFear of fur. [ID, CE]
  dromophobiaFear of crossing streets. [ID, CE]
  dysmorphophobiaFear of deformity. [OED, ID, CE]
  dystychiphobiaFear of accidents. [ID, CE]

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Phobia Dictionary:    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  • OED: Oxford English Dictionary. Words marked 'OED' are all mentioned in this dictionary, but may not have their own entry.
  • ID: The Insomniac's Dictionary of the Outrageous, Odd, and Unusual by Paul Hellweg.
  • CE: Crazy English: The Ultimate Joy Ride Through Our Language by Richard Lederer.
  • WP: Words at Play: Quips, Quirks, and Oddities by O. V. Michaelsen. Also in The Wordplay Almanac by O. V. Michaelsen.

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