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This is the world's biggest collection of phobia words – almost 650 in total. Although most are rare, they have all appeared in print. Where a word is marked 'syn. of' this indicates that it is a synonym of the following word. (In many cases this simply reflects spelling variations.) Sources are listed in brackets after each entry; see the footnotes for the meanings of the abbreviations.

- I -

  iatrophobiaFear of going to the doctor. [ID]
  ichthyophobiaFear of fish. [ID, CE]
  iconophobiaFear of images. [OED]
  ideophobiaFear of ideas. [ID, CE, WP]
  illyngophobiaFear of vertigo. [ID]
  iophobia(1) Fear of rust;
(2) syn. of toxiphobia.
[ID, CE]
  isolophobiasyn. of autophobia. [ID]
  isopterophobiaFear of termites. [ID]
  ItalophobiaFear of Italy or Italians. [OED]
  ithyphallophobiaFear of erect penises. [ID]

- J -

  JapanophobiaFear of Japan or the Japanese. [ID]
  Judaeophobiasyn. of Judophobia. [OED, ID]
  Judeophobiasyn. of Judophobia. [ID]
  JudophobiaFear or hatred of Jews. [ID]

- K -

  kainophobiaFear of novelty. [ID]
  kainotophobiasyn. of kainophobia. [ID]
  kakorraphiophobiasyn. of kakorrhaphiophobia. [ID]
Fear of failure. [ID]
  kakorrhphiophobiasyn. of kakorrhaphiophobia. [CE]
  katagelophobiasyn. of catagelophobia. [ID, CE]
  kathisophobiasyn. of thaasophobia. [ID]
  kenophobiaFear of voids. [ID, CE]
  keraunophobiaFear of thunder and lightning. [ID]
  kinesophobiaFear of motion. [ID, CE]
  kinetophobiasyn. of kinesophobia. [ID]
  kleptophobia(1) Fear of thieves;
(2) Fear of becoming a kleptomaniac.
[ID, CE]
  koinoniphobiaFear of rooms full of people. [ID]
  kolpophobiaFear of the female genitals. [ID]
  koniophobiasyn. of amathophobia. [ID, CE]
  kopophobiasyn. of ponophobia. [ID, CE]
  kynophobiasyn. of cynophobia. [ID]

- L -

  lachanophobiaFear of vegetables. [ID, CE]
  laliophobiasyn. of glossophobia. [ID, CE]
  lalophobiasyn. of glossophobia. [ID]
  latrophobiasyn. of iatrophobia. [CE]
  lepraphobiaFear of leprosy. [ID, CE]
  leprophobiasyn. of lepraphobia. [OED, ID]
  levophobiaFear of leftness and things to the left. [ID, WP]
  ligyrophobiasyn. of acousticophobia. [ID]
  lilapsophobiaFear of tornadoes or hurricanes. [ID, CE]
  limnophobiaFear of lakes. [ID]
  linonophobiaFear of string. [ID, CE, WP]
  liticaphobiaFear of lawsuits. [CE]
  logophobiaFear of words. [OED, ID]
  lunaediesophobiaFear of Mondays. [WP]
  lygophobiasyn. of achluophobia. [ID, CE]
  lyssiophobiasyn. of maniaphobia. [CE]
  lyssophobia(1) syn. of maniaphobia;
(2) syn. of hydrophobophobia;
(3) Fear of water.

- M -

  macrophobiaFear of long waits. [ID, CE]
  maieusiophobiaFear of childbirth. [ID, CE]
  malaxophobiasyn. of sarmassophobia. [ID]
  maniaphobiaFear of insanity. [ID]
  mastigophobiaFear of flogging. [ID, CE]
  mechanophobiaFear of machinery. [ID, CE]
  medectophobiaFear of the contour of one’s penis being visible through clothes. [ID, WP]
  medomalacophobiaFear of losing one's erection during coitus. [ID]
  medorthophobiasyn. of ithyphallophobia. [ID]
  megalophobiaFear of large objects. [ID, CE]
  melissophobiasyn. of apiphobia. [ID]
  melophobiasyn. of musicophobia. [ID, WP]
  meningitophobiaFear of meningitis. [OED, ID]
  menophobiaFear of menstruation. [ID, CE]
  merinthophobiaFear of being bound. [ID, CE]
  metallophobiaFear of metals. [ID, CE]
  meteorophobiaFear of meteors and meteorites. [ID, CE]
  metrophobiaFear of poetry. [ID, CE, WP]
  microbiophobiaFear of microbes. [ID, CE]
  microphobiaFear of small objects. [ID]
  misophobiaFear of contamination. [ID, CE]
  molysmophobiasyn. of misophobia. [ID]
  molysomophobiasyn. of misophobia. [ID, CE]
  monopathophobiaFear of a specific disease. [ID]
  monophobiaFear of one thing or solitude. [OED, ID, CE]
  motorphobiaFear of cars/automobiles. [OED, ID, CE]
  muriphobiasyn. of musophobia. [ID]
  musicophobiaFear of music. [OED, ID, CE]
  musophobiaFear of mice. [ID, CE]
  mycophobiaFear of mushrooms. [OED]
  myctophobiasyn. of achluophobia. [ID]
  myrmecophobiaFear of ants. [ID, CE]
  mysophobiasyn. of misophobia. [OED, ID]
  mythophobiaFear of myths (or lying). [ID]
  myxophobiasyn. of blennophobia. [ID]

- N -

  nebulaphobiasyn. of homichlophobia. [ID]
  necrophobiaFear of corpses. [OED, ID, CE]
  negrophobiaFear of black people. [OED, ID]
  nelophobiasyn. of crystallophobia. [ID]
  neopharmaphobiaFear of new medicines. [ID]
  neophobiasyn. of kainophobia. [OED, ID]
  nephophobia(1) Fear of clouds;
(2) syn. of nosophobia.
[ID, CE]
  noctiphobiaFear of the night. [ID]
  nomatophobiasyn. of onomatophobia. [ID]
  nosocomephobiaFear of hospitals. [ID, CE]
  nosophobiaFear of diseases. [OED, ID, CE]
  nostophobiaFear of returning to home. [ID]
  novercaphobiaFear of one's stepmother. [ID, CE]
  nucleomitophobiaFear of atomic energy or nuclear weapons. [ID, CE]
  nudiphobiasyn. of gymnophobia. [ID]
  nudophobiasyn. of gymnophobia. [ID]
  nyctophobiasyn. of noctiphobia. [OED, ID, CE]

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Phobia Dictionary:    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  • OED: Oxford English Dictionary. Words marked 'OED' are all mentioned in this dictionary, but may not have their own entry.
  • ID: The Insomniac's Dictionary of the Outrageous, Odd, and Unusual by Paul Hellweg.
  • CE: Crazy English: The Ultimate Joy Ride Through Our Language by Richard Lederer.
  • WP: Words at Play: Quips, Quirks, and Oddities by O. V. Michaelsen. Also in The Wordplay Almanac by O. V. Michaelsen.

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