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This is the world's biggest collection of phobia words – almost 650 in total. Although most are rare, they have all appeared in print. Where a word is marked 'syn. of' this indicates that it is a synonym of the following word. (In many cases this simply reflects spelling variations.) Sources are listed in brackets after each entry; see the footnotes for the meanings of the abbreviations.

- R -

  radiaphobiasyn. of corpulophobia. [WP]
  radiophobiaFear of X-rays. [ID, CE]
  rectophobiasyn. of proctophobia. [ID]
  rhabdophobiaFear of magic or being beaten with rods. [ID, CE]
  rhinophobiaFear of noses. [WP]
  rhypophobiaFear of filth. [ID, CE]
  rhytiphobiaFear of getting wrinkles. [ID, CE]
  rupophobiasyn. of rhypophobia. [ID]
  RussophobiaFear of Russia or Russians. [ID, CE]
  rypophobiasyn. of rhypophobia. [ID]

- S -

  sarmassophobiaFear of love-play. [ID]
  SatanophobiaFear of Satan. [OED, ID, CE]
  scabiophobiaFear of scabies. [ID]
  scatophobiasyn. of coprophobia. [ID]
  scelerophobiaFear of bad men. [ID]
  sciaphobiasyn. of sciophobia. [ID]
  sciophobiaFear of shadows. [ID, CE]
  scoleciphobiasyn. of vermiphobia. [ID]
  scopophobiaFear of being stared at. [ID]
  scoptophobiasyn. of scopophobia. [ID]
  scotomaphobiaFear of scotomas (blind areas in visual field). [ID]
  scotophobiasyn. of achluophobia. [OED, ID]
  scriptophobiasyn. of graphophobia. [CE]
  selaphobiaFear of flashes. [ID, CE]
  selenophobiaFear of the moon. [ID, CE, WP]
  septophobiaFear of decaying matter. [ID, CE]
  sexophobiaFear of the opposite sex. [ID]
  sheksophobiasyn. of spheksophobia. [CE]
  siderodromophobiaFear of railways/railroads. [OED, ID, CE]
  siderophobiasyn. of astrophobia. [ID, WP]
  sinistrophobiasyn. of levophobia. [ID, WP]
  SinophobiaFear of China or the Chinese. [OED, ID, CE]
  sitiophobiasyn. of sitophobia. [OED, ID]
  sitophobiaFear of food. [OED, ID]
  skiaphobiasyn. of sciophobia. [CE]
  snakephobiasyn. of ophidiophobia. [ID]
  soceraphobiaFear of one's parents-in-law. [ID]
  sociophobiaFear of society. [ID, CE]
  soleciphobiasyn. of vermiphobia. [CE]
  sophophobiaFear of learning. [ID, CE, WP]
  SovietophobiaFear of the Soviet Union. [OED]
  spacephobiaFear of outer space. [ID]
  spectrophobia(1) Fear of spectres;
(2) syn. of catoptrophobia.
[ID, CE]
  spermatophobiaFear of semen. [ID]
  spermophobiasyn. of spermatophobia. [ID]
  spheksophobiaFear of wasps. [ID]
  stasibasiphobiaFear of standing and walking. [ID]
  stasiphobiaFear of standing. [ID, CE]
  stasobasiphobiasyn. of stasibasiphobia. [ID]
  stasophobiasyn. of stasiphobia. [ID]
  staurophobiaFear of crucifixes. [ID, CE]
  stenophobiaFear of narrow places. [ID, CE]
  stygiophobiasyn. of hadephobia. [ID, CE]
  swinophobiaFear of swine/pigs. [ID, CE]
  symbolophobiaFear of symbolism. [ID]
  symmetrophobiaFear of symmetry. [OED, ID]
  syngenescophobiasyn. of syngenesophobia. [CE]
  syngenesophobiaFear of relatives. [ID]
  syphilidophobiasyn. of syphiliphobia. [ID]
  syphiliphobiaFear of syphilis. [ID]
  syphilophobiasyn. of syphiliphobia. [OED, ID]

- T -

  tabophobiaFear of tabes dorsalis (degenerative spinal disease). [ID]
  tachophobiaFear of speed. [ID, CE]
  taeniiphobiasyn. of taeniophobia. [OED]
  taeniophobiaFear of tapeworms. [ID, CE]
  taphephobiaFear of being buried alive. [ID, CE]
  taphophobiasyn. of taphephobia. [ID]
  tapinophobiasyn. of microphobia. [ID, CE]
  taurophobiaFear of bulls. [ID, CE]
  technophobiaFear of technology. [OED, ID, CE]
  teleophobiaFear of teleology. [OED, ID, CE]
  telephonophobiaFear of telephones. [ID, CE]
  teletophobiaFear of religious ceremonies. [ID]
  teniophobiasyn. of taeniophobia. [ID]
  teratophobiaFear of monsters or giving birth to a monster. [ID, CE, WP]
  Teutonophobiasyn. of Germanophobia. [OED, ID]
  Teutophobiasyn. of Germanophobia. [OED, ID, CE]
  textophobiaFear of certain fabrics. [ID]
  thaasophobiaFear of sitting (idle). [ID]
  thalassophobiaFear of seas. [OED, ID, CE]
  thanatophobiaFear of death. [OED, ID, CE]
  thassophobia [CE]
  theatrophobiaFear of theatres. [OED, ID, CE]
  theologicophobiaFear of theology. [ID]
  theophobiaFear of God. [OED, ID, CE]
  thermophobiaFear of heat. [ID]
  thixophobiasyn. of haphephobia. [ID]
  tocophobiasyn. of maieusiophobia. [ID]
  tomophobiaFear of surgery. [ID, CE]
  tonitrophobiasyn. of brontophobia. [ID]
  tonitruphobiasyn. of brontophobia. [ID]
  topophobia(1) Fear of performing, i.e. stage fright;
(2) Fear of a specific place.
  toxicophobiasyn. of toxiphobia. [OED, ID, CE]
  toxiphobiaFear of poisoning. [OED, ID]
  toxophobiasyn. of toxiphobia. [ID]
  traumatophobiaFear of injury or war. [ID, CE]
  tredecaphobiasyn. of tridecaphobia. [ID]
  tremophobiaFear of trembling. [ID]
  triakaidekaphobiasyn. of tridecaphobia. [ID]
  trichinophobiaFear of trichinosis. [ID]
  trichopathophobiaFear of hair disease. [ID]
  trichophobiaFear of hair. [OED, ID, CE]
  tridecaphobiaFear of the number thirteen. [ID]
  triskadekaphobiasyn. of tridecaphobia. [ID]
  triskaidekaphobiasyn. of tridecaphobia. [OED, ID, CE]
  tropophobiaFear of changes. [ID, CE]
  tryapanophobiaFear of injections. [CE]
  tuberculophobiaFear of tuberculosis. [OED, ID]
  tyrannophobiaFear of tyrants. [OED, ID]

- U -

  uranophobiaFear of heaven. [ID, CE, WP]
  urophobiaFear of urinating. [ID]

- V -

Fear of blank paper. [WP]
  vaccinophobiaFear of vaccinations. [OED, ID, CE]
  venereophobiasyn. of cypridophobia. [ID, CE]
  venustaphobiaFear of beautiful women. [ID, WP]
  verbaphobiasyn. of logophobia. [CE]
  verbophobiasyn. of logophobia. [ID]
  vermiophobiasyn. of bacillophobia. [CE]
  vermiphobiaFear of worms. [ID]
  vestiophobiaFear of clothing. [ID, CE, WP]
  virgivitiphobiaFear of rape. [ID]
  virgivitphobiaFear of virgins. [CE]
  vitricophobiaFear of one's stepfather. [ID]

- X -

  xenophobiaFear of strangers or foreigners. [OED, ID, CE]
  xerophobiaFear of dryness and dry places. [ID, CE]
  xylophobiasyn. of hylephobia. [ID]

- Y -

  ylophobiasyn. of hylephobia. [ID]

- Z -

  zelophobiaFear of jealousy. [ID]
  zenophobiasyn. of xenophobia. [OED]
  zoophobiaFear of animals. [OED, ID, CE]

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Phobia Dictionary:    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  • OED: Oxford English Dictionary. Words marked 'OED' are all mentioned in this dictionary, but may not have their own entry.
  • ID: The Insomniac's Dictionary of the Outrageous, Odd, and Unusual by Paul Hellweg.
  • CE: Crazy English: The Ultimate Joy Ride Through Our Language by Richard Lederer.
  • WP: Words at Play: Quips, Quirks, and Oddities by O. V. Michaelsen. Also in The Wordplay Almanac by O. V. Michaelsen.

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