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This is the world's biggest collection of phobia words – almost 650 in total. Although most are rare, they have all appeared in print. Where a word is marked 'syn. of' this indicates that it is a synonym of the following word. (In many cases this simply reflects spelling variations.) Sources are listed in brackets after each entry; see the footnotes for the meanings of the abbreviations.

- O -

  obesophobiaFear of gaining weight. [ID, CE]
  ochlophobiaFear of crowds. [OED, ID, CE]
  ochophobiasyn. of motorphobia. [ID]
  odontophobiaFear of teeth. [ID, CE, WP]
  odynophobiasyn. of algophobia. [ID, CE]
  oecophobiasyn. of ecophobia. [ID]
  oenophobiaFear of wine. [ID, CE]
  oikophobiasyn. of ecophobia. [ID]
  oiuophobiasyn. of oenophobia. [ID]
  olfactophobiaFear of odours. [ID, CE]
  ombrophobiaFear of rain. [ID, CE]
  ommatophobiaFear of eyes. [ID]
  ommetaphobiasyn. of ommatophobia. [ID]
  omophagiaphobiaFear of eating raw flesh. [WP]
  omositiaphobiasyn. of omophagiaphobia. [WP]
  oneirogmophobiaFear of wet dreams. [ID, CE, WP]
  onomatophobiaFear of a specific name. [ID, CE]
  ophiciophobiasyn. of ophidiophobia. [ID]
  ophidiophobiaFear of snakes. [ID]
  ophiophobiasyn. of ophidiophobia. [ID]
  ophresiophobiasyn. of olfactophobia. [ID]
  ophthalmophobiasyn. of scopophobia. [ID, CE]
  optophobiaFear of opening one’s eyes. [ID, WP]
  ornithophobiaFear of birds. [ID, CE]
  orthophobiaFear of propriety. [ID]
  osmiophobiaResistance (of cells) to staining with osmic acid. [ID]
  osmophobiasyn. of olfactophobia. [ID]
  osphresiophobiasyn. of olfactophobia. [ID]
  ostraconophobiaFear of shellfish. [ID, CE]
  ouranophobiasyn. of uranophobia. [ID]

- P -

  paedophobiasyn. of pedophobia. [ID]
  pamphobiasyn. of pantophobia. [OED, ID]
  panophobia(1) syn. of pantophobia;
(2) Fear of fears.
  panphobiasyn. of pantophobia. [OED, ID]
  pantaphobiasyn. of hypophobia. [OED, ID]
  panthophobiasyn. of nosophobia. [ID]
  pantophobiaFear of everything. [OED, ID, CE]
  papaphobiaFear of the Pope or the papacy. [OED, ID, CE, WP]
  papyrophobiaFear of paper. [OED, ID]
  paralipophobiaFear of neglecting a duty. [ID, CE]
  paraphobiaFear of sexual perversion. [ID, CE]
  parasitophobiaFear of parasites. [ID, CE]
  paronomasiaphobiaFear of puns. [WP]
  parthenophobiaFear of young girls or virgins. [ID, CE]
  paterophobiaFear of the Fathers (of the early Church). [OED]
  pathophobiasyn. of nosophobia. [OED, ID]
  patroiophobiaFear of hereditary disease. [ID]
  peccatiphobiasyn. of hamartophobia. [ID, CE]
  peccatophobiasyn. of hamartophobia. [ID]
  pediculophobiaFear of lice. [OED, ID]
  pediophobiaFear of children. [ID, CE]
  pedophobiaFear of dolls or infants. [ID, CE]
  peladophobiaFear of becoming bald. [ID, CE]
  pellagrophobiaFear of pellagra (a disease caused by protein deficiency. [ID]
  peniaphobiaFear of poverty. [ID, CE]
  pentheraphobiaFear of one's mother-in-law. [ID, CE, WP]
  phagophobiaFear of eating. [ID, CE]
  phalacrophobiasyn. of peladophobia. [ID]
  phallophobiaFear of the male genitals. [ID, CE]
  pharmacophobiaFear of medicinal drugs. [ID, CE]
  phasmophobiaFear of ghosts. [ID, CE]
  phengophobiasyn. of heliophobia. [ID, CE]
  philemaphobiaFear of kissing. [ID, CE]
  philematophobiasyn. of philemaphobia. [ID]
  philophobiaFear of love. [ID, CE, WP]
  philosophobiaFear of philosophy or philosophers. [OED, ID]
  phlebophobiaFear of blood tests. [WP]
  phobiaA usually irrational fear, horror, or aversion to something. [OED]
  phobologophobiaFear of phobia words. [ID, WP]
  phobophobiaFear of fearing. [ID, CE]
  phonophobiasyn. of glossophobia. [OED, ID]
  photaugiaphobiasyn. of photaugiophobia. [ID]
  photaugiophobiaFear of photalgia (eye pain caused by light). [ID]
  photophobiaFear of light. [OED, ID, CE]
  phronemophobiaFear of thinking. [ID, WP]
  phthiriophobiasyn. of pediculophobia. [ID]
  phthisiophobiasyn. of tuberculophobia. [OED, ID]
  phthisophobiasyn. of tuberculophobia. [ID]
  placophobiaFear of tombstones. [ID, CE]
  pluviophobiasyn. of ombrophobia. [ID]
  pneumatophobiasyn. of aerophobia. [OED, ID]
  pnigerophobiasyn. of pnigophobia. [ID]
  pnigophobiaFear of choking or smothering. [ID, CE]
  pocrescophobiasyn. of obesophobia. [ID]
  pogonophobiaFear of beards. [ID, CE]
  poinephobiaFear of punishment. [ID]
  policophobiaFear of the police. [WP]
  politicophobiaFear of politicians. [OED, ID, CE]
  polyphobiaFear of many things. [OED, ID]
  ponophobiaFear of fatigue. [ID, CE]
  poperyphobiasyn. of papaphobia. [OED]
  porphyrophobiaFear of the colour purple. [ID]
  potamophobiaFear of rivers. [ID]
  potomophobiasyn. of potamophobia. [CE]
  potophobiaFear of alcoholic drink. [ID]
  primeisodophobiaFear of losing one's virginity. [ID]
  proctophobiaFear of rectal disease. [ID, CE]
  profundophobiaFear of depth. [WP]
  prosophobiaFear of progress. [ID, CE, WP]
  proteinphobiaFear of protein foods. [ID]
  psellismophobiaFear of stuttering. [ID, CE]
  pseudohydrophobiaAnimal disease with symptoms similar to rabies. [ID]
  psychophobiaFear of minds. [ID]
  psychrophobiasyn. of cheimaphobia. [OED, ID]
  pteronophobiaFear of feathers. [ID, CE, WP]
  pyrexeophobiasyn. of febriphobia. [ID]
  pyrexiophobiasyn. of febriphobia. [ID]
  pyrophobiaFear of fire. [OED, ID, CE]

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  • OED: Oxford English Dictionary. Words marked 'OED' are all mentioned in this dictionary, but may not have their own entry.
  • ID: The Insomniac's Dictionary of the Outrageous, Odd, and Unusual by Paul Hellweg.
  • CE: Crazy English: The Ultimate Joy Ride Through Our Language by Richard Lederer.
  • WP: Words at Play: Quips, Quirks, and Oddities by O. V. Michaelsen. Also in The Wordplay Almanac by O. V. Michaelsen.

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