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This is the world's biggest collection of phobia words – almost 650 in total. Although most are rare, they have all appeared in print. Where a word is marked 'syn. of' this indicates that it is a synonym of the following word. (In many cases this simply reflects spelling variations.) Sources are listed in brackets after each entry; see the footnotes for the meanings of the abbreviations.

- E -

  ecclesiophobiaFear of church. [OED, ID, CE]
  ecophobiaFear of home. [ID, CE]
  eisoptrophobiasyn. of catoptrophobia. [ID, CE]
  electrophobiasyn. of elektrophobia. [ID]
  elektrophobiaFear of electricity. [CE]
  eleutherophobiaFear of freedom. [ID, CE, WP]
  elurophobiasyn. of ailurophobia. [ID]
  emetophobiaFear of vomiting. [ID, CE]
  enetophobiasyn. of belonephobia. [ID]
  enissophobiasyn. of hamartophobia. [ID]
  enochlophobiasyn. of ochlophobia. [ID]
  enosiophobiasyn. of hamartophobia. [ID]
  entomophobiaFear of insects. [ID]
  entonophobiaFear of ticks. [CE]
  entophobiasyn. of entomophobia. [CE]
  eosophobiaFear of dawn. [ID, CE]
  eremiophobiasyn. of autophobia. [ID]
  eremophobiasyn. of autophobia. [ID]
  ereuthophobiasyn. of erythrophobia. [ID]
  ereuthrophobiasyn. of erythrophobia. [CE]
  ergasiophobiaFear of work. [ID, CE]
  ergophobiasyn. of ergasiophobia. [OED, ID]
  ermitophobiasyn. of autophobia. [ID]
  erotophobiasyn. of coitophobia. [ID, CE]
  erythrophobia(1) Fear of the colour red;
(2) Fear of blushing.
  esodophobiasyn. of primeisodophobia. [ID]
  euphobiaFear of good news. [ID]
  euphophobiasyn. of euphobia. [WP]
  eurotophobiasyn. of kolpophobia. [ID, CE]
  expansophobiasyn. of corpulophobia. [WP]

- F -

  febriphobiaFear of fever. [ID, CE]
  felinophobiasyn. of ailurophobia. [ID]
  feminophobiasyn. of gynephobia. [OED, ID]
  FrancophobiaFear of France or the French. [OED, ID]
  frigophobiasyn. of cheimaphobia. [ID]

- G -

  galeophobiasyn. of ailurophobia. [ID, CE]
  Gallophobiasyn. of Francophobia. [OED, ID, CE]
  gametophobiasyn. of gamophobia. [ID]
  gamophobiaFear of marriage. [ID, CE]
  gatophobiasyn. of ailurophobia. [ID]
  geliophobiasyn. of gelophobia. [CE]
  gelophobiaFear of laughter. [ID, WP]
  geniophobiaFear of chins. [ID, WP]
  genophobiasyn. of coitophobia. [ID]
  gentianophobiaResistance (of cells) to staining with gentian. [ID]
  gephydrophobiasyn. of gephyrophobia. [ID]
  gephyrophobiaFear of crossing a bridge. [ID, CE]
  gerascophobiaFear of growing old. [ID, CE]
  GermanophobiaFear of Germany or Germans. [OED, ID]
  geumaphobiasyn. of geumophobia. [ID]
  geumatophobiasyn. of geumophobia. [ID]
  geumophobiaFear of unfamiliar tastes. [ID]
  glossophobiaFear of talking. [ID, CE]
  graphophobiaFear of writing. [ID, CE]
  grecophobiaFear of Greek customs. [ID]
  gringophobiaFear of Gringos. [ID]
  gymnophobiaFear of nudity. [ID, CE]
  gynephobiaFear of women. [ID, CE]
  gynophobiasyn. of gynephobia. [OED, ID]

- H -

  hadephobiaFear of hell. [ID]
  haematophobiasyn. of hematophobia. [OED]
  hagiophobiaFear of holy things. [ID, CE]
  halophobia(1) Fear of speaking;
(2) Inability (of plants) to grow in salt-rich soil.
[ID, CE]
  hamartophobiaFear of sin or sinning. [ID, CE]
  haphephobiaFear of being touched. [ID, CE]
  hapnophobiasyn. of haphephobia. [ID]
  haptephobiasyn. of haphephobia. [ID]
  haptophobiasyn. of haphephobia. [ID]
  harmatophobiasyn. of hamartophobia. [ID]
  harpaxophobiasyn. of kleptophobia. [ID]
  hedonophobiaFear of pleasure. [ID, CE, WP]
  heliophobiaFear of sunlight. [OED, ID, CE, WP]
  hellenophobiaFear of Greek or Latin terms. [ID, WP]
  helminthophobiaFear of being infested with worms. [ID]
  hemaphobiasyn. of hematophobia. [ID]
  hematophobiaFear of blood. [ID, CE]
  hemophobiasyn. of hematophobia. [ID]
  heresyphobiaFear of heresy. [ID]
  herpetophobiasyn. of ophidiophobia. [ID, CE]
  hierophobia(1) Fear of clergymen;
(2) syn. of hagiophobia.
  hippophobiaFear of horses. [OED, ID, CE]
  hodophobiaFear of travel. [ID, CE]
  homichlophobiaFear of fog. [ID, CE]
  homilophobiaFear of sermons. [ID, CE, WP]
  homophobia(1) Fear or hatred of homosexuals;
(2) Fear of monotony.
  hoplophobiaFear of firearms. [CE]
  hormephobiaFear of shock. [ID]
  hyalophobiasyn. of crystallophobia. [ID]
  hydrophobia(1) Fear of water;
(2) Medical term for rabies.
  hydrophobophobiaFear of rabies. [ID]
  hydrophophobiasyn. of hydrophobophobia. [CE]
  hyelophobiasyn. of crystallophobia. [ID]
  hygrophobiaFear of dampness or liquids, especially water or wine. [ID, WP]
  hylephobia(1) Fear of forests or wood;
(2) Fear of materialism.
  hylophobiasyn. of hylephobia. [ID, CE]
  hypegiaphobiasyn. of hypengyophobia. [ID]
  hypengyophobiaFear of responsibility. [ID]
  hypnophobiaFear of sleep. [OED, ID, CE]
  hypophobiaAbsence of fear. [ID]
  hypsiphobiasyn. of acrophobia. [ID]
  hypsophobiasyn. of acrophobia. [ID]

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Phobia Dictionary:    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  • OED: Oxford English Dictionary. Words marked 'OED' are all mentioned in this dictionary, but may not have their own entry.
  • ID: The Insomniac's Dictionary of the Outrageous, Odd, and Unusual by Paul Hellweg.
  • CE: Crazy English: The Ultimate Joy Ride Through Our Language by Richard Lederer.
  • WP: Words at Play: Quips, Quirks, and Oddities by O. V. Michaelsen. Also in The Wordplay Almanac by O. V. Michaelsen.

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